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Meeting with Basthi Vikas Manch at CESS – 11/6/2014

On 11th June 2014, we met with area convenors and co-ordinators of Basthi Vikas Manch from 3 areas: Bholakpur, Addagutta and Rasoolpura. The meeting was also attended by Simpreet Singh of the Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan in Mumbai.

The key issues identified in the meeting were as follows:
1. The non-availability of reliable data on slums.
2. The lack of a single institution which can be a repository for all information regarding slums.
3. The lack of an institution with the power and mandate to settle land disputes, and ambiguities in slums.
4. The gradual decline in proactiveness on the part of the government with regards to slums. It would earlier issue pattas, or possession certificates, of late, it has issued no such documents.
5. The massive corruption in housing schemes. There is no transparency in the finances of the scheme. Also, there are many cases of private land-grab of land allotted to housing schemes.
6. In many places, houses built for LIG households have gone into the hands of MIG households.
7. In slums, there is no clarity of ownership over land. Land, even in the absence of any title, has been divided and traded and leased out on the basis of an ad hoc notarized document commonly known as “no entry”. These no entries are being exchanged like freehold titles.
8. There are a massive number of tenants in slums living in very small spaces.

In the meeting these issues were set against the context of the new Telangana state coming into existence. It was taken as an opportune moment to make certain demands of the new state. The following were the action points derived from the meeting.
1. To write a letter to the new Chief Minister of Telangana to re-invigorate UCD with its erstwhile powers to serve as a key nodal agency for data, complaints, resources pertaining to slums in the city.
2. To collaborate and generate data consisting of histories, case-studies, surveys in the 3 areas represented at the meeting in order to better understand and address the problems in Hyderabad’s slums.

The above is a brief summary of the meeting. For the full minutes, read below.

Notes from meeting 11.06.2014

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